Creative works by Tracey
Cooking Sandbox 🧑‍🍳 by t1
“Cooking Sandbox 🧑‍🍳” by t1. Made using the free Hopscotch app!

A 6-week project to showcase the new Seeds in-app purchase feature in Hopscotch.

You can mix ingredients to make a sponge cake, and experiment with flavours and presentation.

I did the code, art, design and production. We each had a mentor on the Hopscotch Team to bounce ideas off of, and help keep focused.

Featured on the Hopscotch website:

Empowering Kids to Become Entrepreneurs — Hopscotch
<p><strong>Learn to code by making your own apps and games on Hopscotch. Pretty, fun, and puzzle-free. Designed for kids 8 and older. </strong></p>
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